Not Everything that Happens in Vegas Should Stay There

Vegas. Oh lord, where do I start and where do I stop. I absolutely love Las Vegas, for about thirty hours. Then I’m done. No matter why I go, whether it’s for gambling with buddies, a bachelor party with former buddies (just kidding!) or to attend a trade show, I’m always more excited to leave than I am to arrive. I guess I’m getting old, or maybe I just don’t love seeing babies getting carted around casinos at two in the morning. Whatever the reason I’m there, the old adage applies. “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Wait, that’s not true at all; it never applies. I’ve never really supported that sentiment. It just assumes that the homeostasis of everyone is a state of dishonesty and depravity and the only reason we all get along outside of sin city is through a series of illusions, misdirections and lies. I don’t abide that sentiment. Sure, there are some more carnal elements of life that are easier to come by, but just because some people are a little over indulgent, doesn’t mean that everyone who visits is. Not everything that happens in Vegas stays there. In fact, for better or worse, everything that happens in Vegas goes home with you. For me, that’s a good thing.

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Just last week, I attended a conference on timeshares in Vegas. I sell timeshares because I’m an avid traveler and it makes me sad to know that some people would love to travel but just don’t have the funds to do so. Timesharing is far and away the best way to see the world on a budget and I can’t recommend it enough. Sorry, I didn’t mean to do a business pitch here, it just comes naturally. Anyhow, we were all set up in an auditorium right off the strip and a number of companies, including mine gave a series of short pitches about our businesses and the services we provide. I made a lot of sales and thank goodness, none of those stay in Vegas. They all came home with me!

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The reason I did a lot of business there was because I catered my pitch to the needs of that specific audience and presented my ideas specifically to them. It’s important to know your potential clients, so you can cater to their specific needs and values. While your products and ideas are the lifeblood of my business, my presentation is skeletal system that allows that blood to flow. There are infinite ways to present your business to your clients, but if you don’t do it right the first time, you likely won’t get a second chance. You can get some fantastic ideas at retractable banner display or The Display Outlet
You’ll find that after just a few minutes, you’ll be completely inspired with brand new concepts you’ll want to run by your staff or your investors.

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